Enter the Cup

To enter The Cricketer Village Cup 2019 please fill out the form below. Prior to submitting this form please be sure that you have:

    • Eligibility rules can be downloaded here and Match Rules here
    • A subscription to The Cricketer magazine. This must last the duration of the competition, if you or a member of you club does not have a subscription please call 0203 1981 359 or click here.
    • Submitted at least one point on contact, with the correct email, telephone and postal address.
    • Please ensure this member of the club is aware of the club’s entry into the competition and is willing to be the main point of contact.
    • All entry forms for the 2018 competition need to be submitted by 31st January 2019


When are fixtures?
Fixtures are played every other Sunday from the Start of May, with an early-September final.
And how flexible is that?
Matches can be played within the two-week window of each round as long as both captains agree to the proposed new date. The Cricketer must be notified of any fixture change. A fixture must not cross over into a future round.
What is the format?
40 overs per side, 8 overs per bowler with matches starting at 1pm.
How much is it to enter?
The only requirement for entry is a subscription to The Cricketer. Subscriptions can be purchased here
Do I need to supply umpires/teas/balls?
Yes, teas and balls should be supplied by clubs throughout. Clubs must appoint one umpire each per round until the quarter-finals where The Cricketer takes over sourcing ECB-accredited umpires onwards at its own expense.
What if I have a query about one of my players’ eligibility?
Please email nvc@thecricketer.com before the start of season to check the eligibility of a player.
Are any travel expenses available?
Unfortunately not but The Cricketer is happy to share any social media posts that assist a club in raising travel funds.
What should I do if I have a query about an opposition player?
Where possible, please raise this query before your fixture. Otherwise please email nvc@thecricketer.com the following Monday after your fixture.